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The InGenuity Group® is an expert team of engineers, researchers, and finance professionals with over 25 years of experience with the SR&ED program. Few consulting groups can boast an equivalent breadth and depth of knowledge regarding SR&ED, particularly in the area of software development. Our Founding Team was directly involved with the program beginning one year after its formation in 1986.


We offer a variety of services related to accessing government funding. We are known across Canada for our expertise in the Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit program.


We scope potential projects, prepare a comprehensive technical description for each qualifying project, and collaborate with your accounting department to determine the associated project costs. In the unlikely event you are selected for review, we provide assistance in preparing for and meeting with the CRA.


We are often asked by lending groups to provide a risk analysis of SR&ED applications (either pre- or post-submission). This fixed-fee option can help you identify areas of risk and either address them or prepare to mitigate them.


Experienced claimants often choose to prepare SR&ED claims in-house. We are available to act as external advisors, reviewing draft technical and/or financial applications, including documentation. We can provide guidance on setting up new documentation practices.


In a rush but don't require a full-service solution? Engage one of our talented SR&ED writers on an as-needed basis.


We're the creators of the only online training manual for SR&ED - why not engage us to work directly with your team? Ensure the safety of your refund by training your team on program requirements and claim preparation techniques.


Don't leave anything on the table - see if you qualify for Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits, which can help offset non-SR&ED costs.


An unparalleled executive team with experience spanning four decades, starting in 1986.



Gilbert Lance is one of Canada’s foremost specialists in the SR&ED program and CRA tax credit administration. A former CRA Senior Science Advisor and Research and Technology Advisor (RTA) (and The InGenuity Group’s resident SR&ED veteran), he brings his extensive and invaluable years of experience at the CRA to his clients’ R&D tax claims. Having been one of the key policy makers for the SR&ED program, Gilbert has an unprecedented degree of familiarity with SR&ED. Gilbert has spent over three decades as an SR&ED advisor with direct experience, both as a SR&ED RTA and in private industry.

Whether working in the public or private sector, Gilbert brings a personal touch to any endeavour, taking the time to build strong and lasting professional relationships with his clients.



Elizabeth Lance is an award-winning management consultant specialising in the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. She helps organisations navigate the complex world of indirect funding policy compliance, where one wrong word can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Elizabeth is recognized as one of the rare experts who understand both the technological and financial dimensions of the SR&ED program.

The combination of Elizabeth’s passion, dynamic background, and problem-solving nature makes her invaluable to the many multi-million dollar projects clients entrust her with on a daily basis.



The InGenuity Group has quite a few awards, but most notable is the Forty Under 40 award. As Managing Director, she has been cited in news outlets (CBC, Ottawa Business Journal) and is often contacted by researchers and government officials for program insight. Consequently, Elizabeth was recognized for her expertise, business achievement, and community involvement via this prestegious award.

The InGenuity Group is the driving force behind the 200-page interactive learning resource A Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED, and manages the largest LinkedIn group focusing on SR&ED. In addition, our team has created two professional development courses, offered by AJAG Professional Development for Accountants: Introduction to the SR&ED program and Avoiding Common Errors with SR&ED Forms.

You can read more about our excellent service and testimonials here.


Who is The InGenuity Group®?

The InGenuity Group® is led by two experts in the field (SR&ED and OIDMTC). We have worked out of Ottawa and Toronto since 2008, but our program experience goes back quite far (to 1986 - the year SR&ED was founded). We have an internal team who helps out occasionally, they include:
  • Master's & PhDs with backgrounds in various areas of science and technology
  • Chartered Accountants and MBA graduates with extensive financial experience
  • Professional Technical Writers with 20+ years of experience writing clear, concise documents
  • Management Consultants and documentation experts with experience in ISO standards
We are also the creators of SR&ED Education and Resources website, which hosts The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED.

We work exclusively with technology & training companies who help keep Canadians safe and seek to make a positive change in the world. These include:
  • first responder training organizations
  • defence subcontractors
  • accessibility software developers
  • consulate support organizations
  • alternative energy and energy efficiency groups
  • waste reduction organizations
  • social good & wellness organizations
  • healthcare technology development organizations

Together, we help these organizations:
  • Increase the size and reliability of the amounts being claimed
  • Reduction in the risk of review or adjustment
  • Improve product eligibility (OIDMTC)
  • Improve documentation tracking processes (SR&ED)
  • Leverage both tax credit programs (SR&ED + OIDMTC) to receive the largest refund possible

Proven Track Record

Between 2009 and 2011 we helped recover over $33.5 million dollars---that's over $10M a year---for a stellar lineup of companies. 

Personal Info

  •   +1-844-447-7733
  •   482-100 Gloucester Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0A4
  •   admin [at] ingenuitygroup [dot] ca.


We're quite modest and prefer to focus on our work, so we'll let some of our clients speak on our behalf.
Working with The Ingenuity Group and Elizabeth has been one of the best business decision I took. Companies who are involved in R&D know that the tax credit reporting process can be painful, time-consuming, frustrating and complex. Elizabeth has this natural talent to ease that process through her deep sense of organization, to make it faster and to deliver a final report of high quality in a cost effective way. I believe that The Ingenuity Group will be one day the leader in this very competitive field and that Elizabeth’s work, commitment and entrepreneurship spirit will be instrumental that success.


CEO, Groupe Nestor Group
It’s like buying insurance for your SR&ED claim. Our first SR&ED application was reviewed, assessed and approved without revision or questions in less than 60 days. I know this is a direct result of Elizabeth and her team of SR&ED experts at the InGenuity Group. As a small startup, the effort required to thoroughly develop the application documentation for this tax program can be a daunting task, both time consuming and distracting. I’m thankful that the InGenuity Group managed our application from start to finish, engaging my team regularly and advising every step of the way. I strongly recommend Elizabeth and her team to anyone who is considering a SR&ED application.


Managing Director – Brennix Inc.
Elizabeth is brilliant. Her work on our recent SR&ED claim by far surpassed my experience with other vendors in this area. Not only is she terribly well informed about all aspects of SR&ED, my claim was started and completed within a 2 month time frame. I also received my refund within 35 days and her firm took less commission for their work than any other firm I had worked with previously. She is smart, personable, well informed and superior at what she does. If you want to do a SR&ED claim you want to go with the best. And that’s Elizabeth!”


CEO, Fenix Solutions
My SR&ED tax file was due on the exact day of my wedding. I was a bit nervous about the deadline. Just before my departure to Mexico, Elizabeth told me: “everything will be well taken care of here”. It really was. She prepared our claim. It went through without any issues and I had my refund in a matter of weeks. Thanks to her, I had a worry free wedding!


CEO – Koneka Inc.
Gil has been a valuable resource in assisting us with our SRED claims. His knowledge of supersedes the expectations with his in-depth understanding of the process from both inside and out. Gil takes the time to understand your company’s processes and how it relates to the claim process. I highly recommend Gil and the rest of his team when completing and submitting SRED claims.


Director of Operations, T-Base Communications
Elizabeth helped us tremendously by providing a review of our government grant (SRED) submission. Liz is an expert in SRED – she knows the rules and regulations like no one else I’ve ever met, and was extremely helpful in helping us write our submission. I’d highly recommend Liz for any company looking to hire a SRED expert.


CEO – AddIn Social
I always know I am going to get my money’s worth when I hire Elizabeth for a job. She is personally committed to making sure the job gets done and gets done well. She has gone the extra mile for us at Acorn on more than one occasion and she is also very easy to work with. Elizabeth leads a strong team and is constantly working to improve the company’s offerings. It is a joy to work with her, not to mention motivating to be around someone so driven.”


Head of Operations, Acorn Partners
As a senior executive of a software development firm, I experienced Gil’s skills and knowledge with the SR&ED ITC program personally, and over a number of years. Gil is like a ‘professor’ of SR&ED. He knows it inside and out, keeps up on trends and changes, and has always been able to provide sage and knowledgeable guidance to successful claims content and processes. Gil Lance is a person of high integrity, and I can recommend him without hesitation or qualification.


CEO, Pricedex Software Inc.

Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED

Are you tired of having to blindly wade through the convoluted Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit application process? Do you need help getting the most out of the program, from maximizing your refund to walking you through the review process? The InGenuity Group is proud to announce that we've partnered with our sister site SR&ED Education and Resources to bring you The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED—the most thorough do-it-yourself SR&ED resource available online.

What is The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED?

The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED is the most complete database of SR&ED information you can find. It contains the following:
  • The ins and outs of the convoluted SR&ED tax incentive program;
  • Exactly what work is eligible and what work is not;
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the filing process;
  • Specific instructions on handling audits and reviews;
  • Sample SR&ED applications and technical narratives;
  • Insider tips from our writers who have worked closely with the CRA;
  • An exhaustive database of over 100 SR&ED court rulings;
  • And more.

How do I get the guide?

The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED contains multiple membership levels to suit your needs—whether you're an entrepreneur looking to learn more about the program or a SR&ED master who's interested in an in-depth look at the history of SR&ED. If you're not sure if the guide is right for you, there is also a free membership option that will allow you to sample what the guide has to offer. Register for The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED to get you started on the road to your refund. The InGenuity Group's experts are extremely excited to share their consolidated knowledge with you.

There's money to be found. We can help. Register for The Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED.


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