The InGenuity Group

Specializing in The SR&ED Federal Tax Incentive Program

Accessible From Anywhere

Consulting Services

Providing consulting services to savvy organizations who believe in maximizing their Scientific Research and Experimental Development refunds.

With decades of experience in the field,  we are dedicated to providing our expert services to ensure our clients receive the most helpful, and up to date, information to have a successful SR&ED Claim.


Each year, the SR&ED program provides over $3 billion in tax incentives to over 20,000 organizations. Of these, about 75% are small businesses. We help companies navigate the complex technical and financial policies.

Risk Analysis

We are often asked by lending groups to provide a risk analysis of SR&ED Applications (either pre- or post- submission).
We can help identify areas of risk and either address them or prepare to mitigate them.


Experienced claimants often choose to prepare SR&ED claims in house.
We are available to act as external advisors, providing training on SR&ED policies (technical and/or financial) and applications.

" ... I believe that The InGenuity Group will one day be the leader in this very competitive field and that Elizabeth's work, commitment and entrepreneurship spirit will be instrumental in that success."
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