The InGenuity GroupĀ® is an expert team of engineers, researchers, and finance professionals with over 25 years of experience with the SR&ED program. Few consulting groups can boast an equivalent breadth and depth of knowledge regarding SR&ED, particularly in the area of software development. Our Founding team was directly involved with the program beginning one year after it's formation in 1986.

Our team has lead experts in the field (SR&ED and OIDMTC). We have worked out of Ottawa and Toronto since 2008, but our program experience goes back quite far (to 1986 – the year SR&ED was founded). We have an internal team who helps out, they include:

  • Masters and PhDs with backgrounds in various areas of science and technology
  • Chartered Accountants and MBA graduates with extensive financial experience
  • Professional Technical Writers with 20+ years of experience writing clear, concise documents
  • Management Consultants and documentation experts with experience in ISO standards.

Together, we help these organizations:

  • Increase the size and reliability of the amounts being claimed
  • Reduction in the risk of review or adjustment
  • Improve product eligibility (OIDMTC)
  • Improve documentation tracking processes (SR&ED)
  • Leverage both tax credit programs (SR&ED + OIDMTC) to receive the largest refund possible
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