The InGenuity Group offers a variety of services, but our core is helping companies access the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) and Ontario Interactive Digital Media (OIDM) tax credits.
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Turn-Key SR&ED

We scope potential projects, prepare a comprehensive technical description for each qualifying project, and collaborate with your accounting department to determine the associated project costs. In the unlikely event you are selected for a review, we provide assistance in preparing for, and meeting with, the CRA.

SR&ED Training

We are the creators of the only online training manual for SR&ED - why not engage us to work directly with your team? Ensure the safety of your refund by training your team on program requirements and claim preparation techniques.



Experienced claimants often choose to prepare SR&ED claims in-house. We are available to ask as external advisors, reviewing draft technical and/or financial applications, including documentation. We can provide guidance on setting up new documentation practices.

Risk Analysis

We are often asked by lending groups to provide a risk analysis of SR&ED applications (either pre-or post submission). This fixed -fee option can help you identify areas of risk and either address them or prepare to mitigate them.

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Technical Writing

In a rush but don't require a full-service solution? Engage one of our talented SR&ED writers on an as-needed basis.


Don't leave anything on the table! See if you qualify for Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits (IDMTC), which can help offset non SR&ED costs.

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