Gilbert Lance, MSc

SR&ED Expert (since 1986)

Gilbert Lance is one of Canada’s foremost specialists in the SR&ED program and CRA tax credit administration. A former CRA Senior Science Advisor and Research and Technology Advisor (RTA) (and The InGenuity Group’s resident SR&ED veteran), he brings his extensive and invaluable years of experience at the CRA to his clients’ R&D tax claims. Having been one of the key policymakers for the SR&ED program, Gilbert has an unprecedented degree of familiarity with SR&ED.

At the core of Gilbert’s professional philosophy is a commitment to sharing his knowledge. In keeping with this, he continues to participate in the CRA’s SR&ED Software Committee as both a presenter and a presentation writer and acts as a contributing writer to The InGenuity Group’s SR&ED education and resources blog,

Gilbert has spent over three decades as an SR&ED advisor with direct experience, both as an SR&ED RTA and in private industry. Whether working in the public or private sector, Gilbert brings a personal touch to any endeavour, taking the time to build strong and lasting professional relationships with his clients.

Some of his professional achievements include the following:

  • Acted as CRA Senior Science Advisor and Research and Technology Manager (RTM), drafting and assisting with SR&ED policy writing between 1987-1994;
  • Actively involved as CRA SR&ED Software Committee presenter;
  • Reviewed and assisted with thousands of claims, from businesses of all sizes.

As a senior executive of a software development firm, I experienced Gil’s skills and knowledge with the SR&ED ITC program personally, and over a number of years. Gil is like a ‘professor’ of SR&ED. He knows it inside and out, keeps up on trends and changes, and has always been able to provide sage and knowledgeable guidance to successful claims content and processes.

Gil Lance is a person of high integrity, and I can recommend him without hesitation or qualification.” July 8, 2011 (first hired in 1998) Terry J. O’Reilly, CEO – Pricedex Software Inc. 

Additional glowing testimonials and more information are visible on LinkedIn.

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Elizabeth Lance, MASc

Managing Director / OIDMTC & SR&ED

Elizabeth Lance is an award-winning management consultant specializing in the Ontario Interactive Digital Media (OIDM) and the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) programs. With a Master of Arts degree focusing on discourse analysis, she helps organizations navigate the complex world of indirect funding policy compliance, where one wrong word can cost hundreds of thousands.

Elizabeth’s writing, research, and commentary have been cited in news outlets (CBC, Ottawa Business Journal), she is the creator of the 200-page interactive learning resource A Comprehensive Guide to SR&ED, and manager of the largest LinkedIn group focusing on SR&ED.

The combination of Elizabeth’s passion, dynamic background, and problem-solving nature makes her invaluable to the many multi-million dollar projects clients entrust her with on a daily basis.

Elizabeth is an active SR&ED champion. She is dedicated, well-informed, and always on top of ongoing regulatory changes in the SR&ED program. Her managerial and business acumen, coupled with her genuine attention to client needs, enables her to direct the InGenuity Group to provide tailored tax credit/accounting/writing solutions.” August 29, 2011 Nirma Jesuthasan, R&D Manager – MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies 

Want to read more of her glowing reviews? Be sure to visit her profile on LinkedIn.

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