"We were looking for expertise and training support for our team to write the technical narratives required as part of the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program, and commissioned Elizabeth Lance of Ingenuity Group Solutions for this mandate. We were extremely impressed with Elizabeth's extensive knowledge of the program and her ability to quickly understand our requirements and efficiently and professionally deliver exactly to our needs. Elizabeth's commitment to her deliverables and her natural talent for guiding people through the difficult process of collecting scattered information far surpassed our expectations. She was personable, well organized, and extremely reliable to deal with. Elizabeth is a superior communicator, and we would highly recommend Elizabeth and InGenuity Group to anyone going through the difficult SR&ED process. WE look forward to using her expertise for future work of this nature."
Michael Groves
VP of R&D, Royal Canadian Mint
"I recently worked with InGenuity Group and I was blown away by their exceptional service. Their team's knowledge, responsiveness, and guidance were top-notch. They provided expert solutions tailored to my needs and were always there to address any questions or concerns promptly. I highly recommend Ingenuity Group for their outstanding support, knowledge and professionalism. Thank you for an amazing experience!"
Maryam Yazdani
Financial Advisor - ScotiaBank
"Working with The InGenuity Group and Elizabeth has been one of the best business decisions I took. Companies who are involved in R&D know that the tax credit reporting process can be painful, time-consuming, frustrating and complex. Elizabeth has this natural talent to ease that process through her deep sense of organization, to make it faster and to deliver a final report of high quality in a cost effective way. I believe that The InGenuity Group will one day be the leader in this very competitive field and that Elizabeth's work, commitment and entrepreneurship spirit will be instrumental in that success."
Edouard F. Biot
International Business Commissioner
"My company worked with the InGenuity Group on a SRED application recently. Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and clearly has the depth of experience required. She is also willing to patiently share that expertise and guided us through the entire process to a successful conclusion. We will work with her again."
Tim Smith
CEO - MagicLogic Optimization Inc
"It's like buying insurance for your SR&ED claim. Our first SR&ED application was reviewed, assessed and approved without revision or questions in less than 60 days. I know this is a direct result of Elizabeth and her team of SR&ED experts at The InGenuity Group. As a small startup, the effort required to thoroughly develop the application documentation for this tax program can be a daunting task, both time consuming and distracting. I'm thankful that The InGenuity Group managed out application from start to finish, engaging my team regularly and advising every step of the way. I strongly recommend Elizabeth and her team to anyone who is considering a SR&ED application."
Dan Gagliardi
Managing Director - Brennix Inc
"Elizabeth is brilliant. Her work on our recent SR&ED claim by far surpassed my experience with other vendors in this area. Not only is she terribly well informed about all aspects of SR&ED, my claim was started and completed within a 2 month time frame. I also received my refund within 35 days and her firm took less commission for their work than any other firm I had worked with previously. She is smart, personable, well informed, and superior at what she does. If you want to do a SR&ED claim, you want to go with the best. And that's Elizabeth!"
Jennifer MacKinnon
CEO, Fenix Solutions
"Elizabeth is an active SR&ED champion. She is dedicated, well-informed, and always on top of ongoing regulatory changes in the SR&ED program. Her managerial and business acumen, coupled with her genuine attention to client needs, enables her to direct the InGenuity Group to provide tailored tax credit/accounting/writing solutions."
Nirma Jesuthasan
MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies
"Elizabeth helped us tremendously by providing a review of our government grant (SRED) submission. Liz is an expert in SRED - she knows the rules and regulations like not one else I've ever met, and was extremely helpful in helping us write our submission. I'd highly recommend Liz for any company looking to hire a SRED expert."
Mike Potter
CEO - Addin Social
"Great experience with Elizabeth and her team. I found the tools, feedback and insight very valuable when preparing my SR&ED documents. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing help with this process."
Gaurav Gupta - MD FRCPC
Gaurav Gupta Medical Professional Corporation
"My SR&ED tax file was due on the exact day of my wedding. I was a bit nervous about the deadline. Just before my departure to Mexico, Elizabeth told me: "Everything will be well taken care of here." It really was. She prepared our claim. It went through without any issues and I had my refund in a matter of weeks. Thanks to her, I had a worry-free wedding!"
Pierre-Olivier Charlebois
Web Entrepreneur & Business Engineer
"I always know I am going to get my money's worth when I hire Elizabeth for a job. She is personally committed to making sure the job gets done and gets done well. She has gone the extra mile for us as Acorn on more than one occasion and she is also very easy to work with. Elizabeth leads a strong team and is constantly working to improve the company's offerings. It is a joy to work with her, not to mention motivating to be around someone so driven."
Darryl Duncan
Head of Operations, Acorn Partners
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