Effective written communication is one of the most valuable assets to any company, regardless of their field. The InGenuity Group® team members have diverse backgrounds and areas of specialty beyond tax credit claim preparation.

We’re passionate about writing for a wide array of purposes, and provide a full range of content development services. In order to ensure that your organization’s ideas are given the proper treatment, consider using The InGenuity Group® for writing projects including:

  • Marketing: news releases, short articles, ad and promotional copy, website text
  • Educational Materials: user guides, training modules incl. presentations, dissertation reviews
  • Reports: marketing plans, business report, and more!

Obstacles: Crafting the message you want to write for diverse platforms.

Ambiguity: often times, organizations are either not in agreement or are uncertain of what their message should be.
creating text that resonates, especially online, involves staying constantly up to date with new advertising tactics.
companies focus their attention on specific areas, making it difficult to write outside of their comfort zone.

Our Approach: Knowing how, when and where to target your message.

Focus: we can help you identify core objectives for your writing project and clearly reflect these objectives.
Current: we stay on top of the current trends in marketing and beyond.
Diversity: producing work for our wide range of clients has allowed us to hone our written skills for a variety of situations.

Our specialty is in providing clear, concise material that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Please contact us today to assess your organization’s writing needs.

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